K : Body and Mind

A new work of theatre experimenting with the separation of the AURAL and VISUAL, like a radio-play paired with a silent film.

Kawabi is a security agent and a member of THE PIER. Kawabi wants THE PIER to be a new society rooted in justice and compassion. THE PIER makes high-end bodies out of flesh and machine for people to live in. The bodies photosynthesize and are weatherproof. Members of THE PIER start seeing visions of a CRYING WOMAN and then bad things happen. Kawabi races against time and space to save them.

Director + Writer: Conor Wylie
Performers: Jasmine Chen + Donna Soares
Sound design: Nancy Tam
Visual design: Daniel O’Shea
Movement collaboration: Mahaila Patterson-O’Brien
Story + Accessibility collaboration: Amy Amantea + VocalEye

Premiering in 2020 at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts.

K BODY AND MIND is commissioned by Theatre Replacement through their COLLIDER Artist-in-Residence program. Development is generously supported by The Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, the Canada Council, the BC Arts Council, and the Wuchien Michael Than Foundation.