Walking at Night by Myself

Walking at Night by Myself is an experiential performance using 8-channel surround sound, projection, and two Asian female performers.

The piece questions, through its form and content, the plasticity of human perception by employing elaborate visual and aural interference patterns, transcending the spectacular to the phenomenological: from seeing to experiencing. In its core, this piece challenges our perception of reality, and our understanding of personhood through a shifting landscape of monochromatic projection design, hypnotic repetitions, moiré patterns, monaural phasing, and gif- like gestures performed by two similarly-looking Asian women.

Through this sensorial confusion, we consider cultural political questions that ask: how do we perceive visible minority women? When and how do they emerge in our current political climate? Walking at Night by Myself invites the audience to contemplate these questions in a subtle, poetic, and imagistic way, eliciting their considerations of these contentious social inquiries with greater openness of thought and empathy.

Walking at Night by Myself’s short version premiered at Music on Main’s event Emerge on Main on April 24th, 2018 at the Fox Cabaret in Vancouver.  It was showcased at PushOFF 2019, and Music on Main’s Modulus festival, and toured to Sound Forms Festival in Hong Kong.

2020 tour stops at M-A-I in Montreal and the Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Sound were cancelled due to COVID-19.

The final full length version premiered in Vancouver on Oct 29, 2021 as a part of Indiefest, and toured to the Open Ears Festival of Music and Sound in Kitchener-Waterloo.