Some Hallways Lead to Other Hallways and Some Lead to Dead Ends

Hallways is an hour-long synchronized audio-walk on headphones in 10 unique parts.

Comparable to composing a 10-part fugue, which when performed becomes the choreography of mobilizing ten people within 120,000 sqft of the Woodward’s building. As audience members journeyed through the narratives in the space, they take part in interactions between each other collaboratively fulfilling roles and tasks for and with one and other. This piece explores the layers of place and space, in both the physical and temporal dimensions, and blurred the borders between them.

Presented at Goldcorp’s Centre for The Arts on May 4-5th.
Conceived, created, and performed by Nancy Tam with close dramaturgy by Daniel O’Shea and dramaturgy-at-a-far by Sean Marshall Jr.