…wreckage upon wreckage…

…wreckage upon wreckage… engages the process of moulting, which is an exchange from the old to the new, a constant movement toward the future while leaving behind corporeal traces of the past. 

While the presence of an abandoned skin reminds us of the past, the absence of the creature within suggests a progression into the future. The constant degradation of the moulted skin informs our perception of the past and future, as it define our understanding of the present. Inspired by Walter Benjamin’s Theses on the Philosophy of History, …wreckage upon wreckage… addresses the transformative qualities in moulting and documenting, through the sound and performance installation.

Recent presentations include Open Ears Festival of Music & Sound (Kitchener-Waterloo, 2022) and Morrow (Vancouver, 2023).

“A Wake of Vultures works from a place of intimate, ritualistic collaboration; this starting point is embodied in their work as a kind of rigorous, collective grace. The energy they created in these overnight performances made you feel like you had walked into a sacred space, yet the mundanity of their materials made their creative labor feel immediate and unpretentious.” —Dr. Joy Brooke Fairfield (PSi 19)